Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy, or Panela Isley, is one of Batmans most famous villains mostly because of her inclusion in that movie. But she is so much better than that. Her deal is she can control any plant life. Originally it was presented as flowers, bushes, etc. But recently in the books, in has extended to anyone that eats salad ( but maybe that was only under that one writer ) Ivy has a special connection with all botany, she can feel its growth and its pain. She doesnt care for most humanity, but had become friends with the villainess, Harley Quinn. As an artist, I always like to draw Ivy in a park or forest, surrounded by plants. Her biggest traits are , well, plants and a little sexiness. While drawing this one, I chose to make her nude, than I covered ( a lot ) of her with leaves, and added all the other plants.

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